Business Management Solutions

The business processes and operation mechanism of each company are different. Boxed software solutions offer general solutions and they are not capable of meeting all the needs of a company. For this reason, companies need their special software solution for their unique mechanisms.

With our experienced team in Business Management Software, we are developing software projects that will meet your needs and that are designed according to your wishes. Just as a tailor prepares clothes according to the customer's measurements, we design software projects tailored to your needs. Additional to that, we can offer a fast and economical solution for you with our software infrastructure that we have been developing for 10 years.


CRM Solutions

End-to-end CRM solution, where you can gather all customer records in one place; with sales management, order management, shipment management features..

Mobile Field Solutions

Whether it is sales or operation oriented, we develop mobile solutions that you can effectively manage your field services.

Mini ERP Solutions

We develop solutions that you can manage your company's processes such as marketing, ordering, purchasing, production, and human resources in its simplest form.

Special Solutions For You

We develop customized web and mobile software solutions so that you can manage your completely unique business processes efficiently.